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Exclusive Security Services

Presidia Global is a specialized security and investigations company. We are uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of protective and investigative services to meet and exceed your unique requirements.

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Presidia Global

Presidia Global is a private security company. We are uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of exclusive and bespoke security solutions. We customize our services to match your specific risk profile, preferences and budget. It’s our mission to provide you with the highest level of protective services whilst always being discreet and service oriented.

Our services include close protection, residential security, secure transportation, medical assistance, private investigations and special event security. 

Our exclusive services


Close protection

With our close protection services, we provide you with a safe environment and peace of mind. Our approach is always based on a thorough risk assessment. Dependent on your specific situation, risk profile, preferences and budget, we will design a bespoke security solution and select staff that matches your lifestyle and culture.

Our close protection services include bodyguard services, security drivers, protective surveillance, security advance teams and security advisory.


Residential Security

Presidia Global offers a full range of residential security services to keep your home or hotel suite safe.

Our residential security services include Residential security teams, implementation of cctv and alarm systems, residential risk assessments, technical surveillance counter measure service.


Investigations & intelligence

The security requirements for your family or business can often be complex and comprises more than just addressing the physical threats. Violation of your rights, harm to your reputation, financial losses and impact on business performance are just a few examples of more subtle threats you might encounter.

Presidia Global can help mitigate these risks by offering expert international investigations and intelligence services. We provide a clear picture in uncertain situations.
Our investigations and intelligence services include covert surveillance, employee background screening, due diligence investigations and protective and business intelligence gathering.


Security advisory

Any security project should start with a thorough risk assessment. Presidia Global will provide a detailed and actionable report with identified risks and mitigation strategies related to the project.


Security drivers

The use of a trained security driver dramatically increases your safety and comfort during vehicle transportation. We provide experienced security specialists who went through extensive advanced driving training, security training and medical first aid training. Security driver services can be combined with close protection services or be used as a stand-alone service.


Special Event Security

Presidia Global provides bespoke event security services for your private and corporate events. Together with you we identify your exact security requirements and after conducting a risk assessment, we will make recommendations for the security of your event. We offer a full range of event security services including access control, crowd management, emergency & crisis management, protective surveillance and medical first aid.

Presidia Global



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