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Personal security

Being high profile, either or both thanks to position or financial status, most certainly has its perks. Having to worry about personal security isn’t one of them. However, a high profile status also brings a higher risk potential. Whether at home, enjoying daily life with your family, or while traveling for business or pleasure, your safety is in the most capable hands with Presidia Global. We offer personal security services with which we unburden you, allowing you to fully focus on the things that matter. Find out more about our services or get in touch to explore your bespoke security solutions.


Why personal security is important

You have made the right step to investigate the subject of personal security. This is the first step towards reducing the risks that having a high profile inevitably brings. Reducing the risk of harm to your loved ones, partners and clients; you aim for the highest level of personal security. And so do we at Presidia Global. From successful entrepreneurs and executives to banking and government prominents; the safety, productivity and comfort of our clients is our main focus.

Personal Security Company

Our Services

Our qualifications, your personal security

You might ask what qualifies Presidia Global to take care of your personal security. A substantial trust factor is experience. Our experts have unique knowledge and experience within and beyond the premier security industry. Presidia Global was founded by a team of Western European elite military professionals. From that we have taken and expanded our skills in the field of investigations and intelligence, security technology, risk assessment and more. Your Presidia Global security expert is more than a personal bodyguard.


Trained, certified and licenced

All of our staff members, from our experts in the field to administrators at the office, have received the proper training and internationally recognized education. We continuously update the skills and knowledge of our staff. To fortify our qualifications, Presidia Global is a fully licenced and ISO-certified security company.


Premier security solutions


At Presidia Global, we always consider security a personal matter. Every client and every situation is unique. That is why we craft personalized security solutions in accordance with our client’s needs. Furthermore, we have crafted relationships with global partners in sectors such as executive transport and travel management. This enables us to draw from an even wider range of services to compile your bespoke security solutions.

    Investigations & intellegence

    Your security requirements might go beyond the need for physical or technical solutions. To enable you to make informed decisions and to contribute to an intelligence-led security solution, we can help by offering a range of investigative and intelligence solutions.

    Our investigative & intelligence services include:

    Covert surveillance

    Employee background checks

    Due diligence investigations

    Fraud & legal investigations

    Counter surveillance

    Protective surveillance

    GPS vehicle tracking

    Drone surveillance and surveys

    Relocation security assessments and security audits

    Security and investigations services

    Our premier security and investigation services include, but are not limited to:

    • Home security services and technology;
    • Personal security and bodyguard services such as mobile security teams and private chauffeurs;
    • Executive protection and transport;
    • Travel risk management;
    • Travel planning, transport and accompaniment (worldwide);
    • Relocation support;
    • Investigations and intelligence services.

    Your private security trajectory


    From the moment you contact us with your security needs, we will take the wheel and guide you through the process. First, we will establish your situation and security needs in a personal intake. In any case and with any client, we will perform an extensive risk assessment. From what we gather here, we will compose an obligation-free quote, in which we outline your bespoke security solutions and the investments involved. Once agreed upon, our one-off or long-term cooperation begins.


    Contact your personal security expert

     If you have any questions or wish to explore your bespoke security solutions with your personal security expert, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.