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Security company London

There’s many a situation that requires the services of a security company in London. That goes especially if you are of high profile and thus have a high risk potential. Presidia Global is highly competent, skilled and equipped to assess and minimalize these risks. We offer personalized security services in London and worldwide, including home security services and technology, personal security and travel risk management. Find out more about our services or get in touch to explore your bespoke security solutions.


Why work with a security company in London?

Being a successful entrepreneur, occupying a high position in banking or government; moving in the highest layers of society carries certain risks. Any person of high profile in this area potentially needs security services in London. Whether you live and/or work here or come from abroad for business or pleasure, you undoubtedly want the highest possible level of safety for you and the people you care about. Also, if you’re a personal assistant to, or employer of aforementioned individuals, this information applies to you. Please meet Presidia Global, your security company in London.


Services in London

What qualifies Presidia Global?

The security experts at Presidia Global are highly experienced in the field. When operating as a security company in London, we draw from experience as elite military professionals to offer the most complete set of security services London has ever known. Top-notch security technology, investigation and intelligence, travel risk management in any green-lighted country; it’s all handled with the utmost proficiency. Furthermore, thanks to our extensive global network of trusted partners, our range of services surpasses those offered by our industry competitors, including PA related tasks such as itineraries, transportation and accommodations to dinner reservations and networking companionships.

Trained, certified and licenced

Experience is not all; we are also a fully licenced security company. In London or anywhere else, we always work in full compliance with applicable law. Our constant aim for quality and client satisfaction is internationally recognized with an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our entire team, from field experts to office administrators, have undergone thorough training and possess internationally recognized qualifications. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing the skills and knowledge of our staff.

Our security services in London


What are those ‘services that go far beyond the scope of our industry peers’, you might ask. If you contact us with your security needs, in London or elsewhere, we compile a bespoke set of security solutions for you from the many services that we provide, such as:


  • Home security services and technology;
  • Personal security and bodyguard services in London, such as mobile security teams and private chauffeurs;
  • Executive protection and transport;
  • Travel risk management;
  • Travel planning, transport and accompaniment (worldwide);
  • Relocation support (e.g. when moving to London from Great Britain or abroad);
  • Investigations and intelligence services.

    Investigations & intellegence

    Your security requirements might go beyond the need for physical or technical solutions. To enable you to make informed decisions and to contribute to an intelligence-led security solution, we can help by offering a range of investigative and intelligence solutions.

    Our investigative & intelligence services include:

    Covert surveillance

    Employee background checks

    Due diligence investigations

    Fraud & legal investigations

    Counter surveillance

    Protective surveillance

    GPS vehicle tracking

    Drone surveillance and surveys

    Relocation security assessments and security audits

    How we work as a security company in London

    If you decide to use our security services in London, you will discover our forthcoming and transparent way of working. Firstly, we perform an extensive risk assessment. This is always the basis for any set of services we provide. Also, intelligence is key; during the whole process, we take use of our experience in the field to gather information on political and social circumstances, persons of interest and so on.

    Discrete and low-profile


    Whether it’s a one-time event or an ongoing partnership, we always adapt to your needs when we handle your security in London. Our agents and partners are well-versed in the elite lifestyle and can blend in seamlessly with the appropriate attire and etiquette. We maintain a low-profile and discrete presence unless the situation calls for more visibility. Most of the time, you and your entourage will tend to forget that you have personal security guards.


    How to use our security services in London


    As a worldwide operating security company, we are well experienced in the London area. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services, traveling to or from London or any matter that comes to mind. Let us know your security needs and we will compile your personal security plan. As mentioned above, we offer one-off security services in London as well as long-term collaborations. Minimize the risk of harm to yourself, your loved ones and partners. Maximize your comfort level. That is what we aim for at Presidia Global.