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Security Monaco

Monaco’s combination of tax advantages, high-end real estate, exclusive events and luxury amenities make it an attractive destination for high society travellers and relocators. In terms of privacy and security, Monaco has a reputation for being a safe and secure destination. Nevertheless, we are regularly active in Monaco as a first-class security company. Persons of high profile, such as successful entrepreneurs, executives, banking and government prominents, always face a certain risk level. With Presidia Global handling security in Monaco, our clients and their entourage can fully enjoy everything this principality has to offer.


Monaco, a first class destination

The small city-state on the French Riviera is known for its luxurious lifestyle, stunning scenery, and tax-friendly policies. These are only a few reasons why Monaco attracts high society travellers and relocators. Whether you have your residence or second home here, enjoy a well-deserved vacation, conduct business or attend an exclusive event, you will have no worries about your security in Monaco. At this first class destination, you can enjoy our first class security and convenience services.

Security in Monaco

Services in Monaco

Security and convenience services

Presidia Global is a private security and investigations company, operating worldwide within the upper layers of society. As such, and well prior to founding the company, our experts have gained a great deal of experience and a network of trusted partners in Monaco. Security is more to us than keeping you safe: we also ensure that you are comfortable at all times. From developing your travel schedule and arranging transportation to getting you that sought-after luxury penthouse, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a broad overview of our Monaco security and convenience services:

  • Security Consultancy
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Residential and Corporate office Security 
  • Close Protection 
  • Covert Protection
  • Secure Logistics
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Investigations and Intelligence
  • Journey Management

Why choose Presidia Global?

We can elaborate about our experience and qualifications to handle your security in Monaco. The fact that all Presidia Global personnel, from field experts to administration officers, has received professional security training and education. We can tell you we are fully authorised to handle security matters in Monaco, and that we and our partners operate in full compliance with the human rights standards as set by the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA). All this will be stated by any trusted security company. But at Presidia Global, we offer added value: 

  • We know our way around Monaco. We can escort you at any of the exclusive events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Monte-Carlo Tennis Masters and the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival. We can recommend and book luxurious hotels and culinary restaurants. 
  • We know the lifestyle. Our agents are well-mannered, well-spoken and adaptable to any social situation.
  • Our presence is discreet. In most cases and situations, your personal security in Monaco will go nearly unnoticed as our expert blend in with appropriate attire and behaviour.

      Investigations & intellegence

      Your security requirements might go beyond the need for physical or technical solutions. To enable you to make informed decisions and to contribute to an intelligence-led security solution, we can help by offering a range of investigative and intelligence solutions.

      Our investigative & intelligence services include:

      Covert surveillance

      Employee background checks

      Due diligence investigations

      Fraud & legal investigations

      Counter surveillance

      Protective surveillance

      GPS vehicle tracking

      Drone surveillance and surveys

      Relocation security assessments and security audits

      Contact your Monaco security expert

      Booking a business trip, planning a vacation, visiting an event or simply indulging in the luxury lifestyle; whatever your goal is, Presidia Global is your security company in Monaco. You, your family, clients and associates; everyone’s safety and convenience is in capable hands. Feel free to contact us to receive a bespoke service proposal. After exploring your security needs, we will craft a personalised set of security solutions. All there’s left for you is to enjoy Monaco in any which way you please.