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Security Mykonos

You want to enjoy your trip to Mykonos from pre-booking stage until your safe return home. Or, if Mykonos is your home, you want a safe and happy life on the island for yourself and your loved ones. ‘Safe’ is a keyword in this matter, because your security in Mykonos is a factor to take into account. To fully unburden you, Presidia Global offers a wide array of security, travel and convenience services. You and the people around you will enjoy the highest level of safety and comfort. Enjoy Mykonos while your security is in capable and experienced hands.


Destination Mykonos

During the recent period of lockdowns and travel restrictions, Mykonos served as a bastion amongst the lifestyle holiday hotspots. While Ibiza’s tourism was put a halt to, the Greek island remained open. Mykonos has since been a destination for many a luxury holiday or relocation. With more and more wealth entering Mykonos, security issues arise. Robberies and home invasions are no longer scarce. When choosing destination Mykonos, choose a security an intelligence company that is well connected and experienced.

Securiy in Mykonos

Services in Mykonos

Why choose Presidia Global

We hope to convey to you that all the experts at Presidia Global are well versed in the elite lifestyle. While you enjoy your stay or daily life in Mykonos, your security is discreetly being looked after. By experienced security and intelligence experts, we might add; our company was founded by former elite military professionals. All staff, office staff included, receives proper training and education. Furthermore, we have established many connections with accommodations, agents and concierge services on the island. That is how we expand our services in Mykonos far beyond security alone.

Our security and convenience services in Mykonos

When you contact us with your Mykonos security needs, we will compile for you a personalized package of security and convenience services. After a thorough risk assessment and intake, we compile a bespoke service proposal for you. In this, we can include a wide array of services such as:

 Home security: your holiday house or residential home on Mykonos is secured with the latest technology, according to a hand-crafted home security plan.

  • Personal security: when in Mykonos, moving about in public can impose a high risk level. Your personal security guards will accompany you and anyone else you’d like protected. No flashy suits and sunglasses or camo type pants wearing muscle guys. Our security experts know how to choose the right attire and etiquette to fit in at any occasion.
  • Travel and accommodation services; from travel risk management to PA tasks and from transportation to getting you that sought-after luxury villa; our network in Mykonos covers everything you need and more.
  • Concierge services; all concierge services you might need are at your disposal. While looking after your security in Mykonos, we can act quickly on any request you might have. From arranging your accommodation and event planning to getting you a seat and classy company at that special restaurant; we have our network of trusted partners at your disposal.

Intelligence and investigation services; we always inform ourselves of the current situation in Mykonos on many levels such as political, cultural or meteorological developments and any persons of interest’s movements.

    Investigations & intellegence

    Your security requirements might go beyond the need for physical or technical solutions. To enable you to make informed decisions and to contribute to an intelligence-led security solution, we can help by offering a range of investigative and intelligence solutions.

    Our investigative & intelligence services include:

    Covert surveillance

    Employee background checks

    Due diligence investigations

    Fraud & legal investigations

    Counter surveillance

    Protective surveillance

    GPS vehicle tracking

    Drone surveillance and surveys

    Relocation security assessments and security audits

    Easily arrange your security in Mykonos

    When working with Presidia Global, you will enjoy the freedom to fully indulge in the Mykonos lifestyle. Your security is handled by a top-notch security and investigations company. Contact us at your convenience to explore the match between your Mykonos security needs and what we have to offer. Maintain a carefree life, as far as it is in your hands. WHen placing your Mykonos security in our hands, you will be a big step closer.