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Presidia Global has recently been tasked with providing a personal protection program for a prominent high-net-worth individual, integrating executive protection for work-related purposes with 24/7 protection of the individual’s family. The family had received direct threats and it was essential to design a protective program to optimize their security while also taking into account the family’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

The challenge was to provide a highly effective security system that was unnoticed by the principals and the public eye and did not disrupt the family’s daily routine. Presidia Global conducted a thorough risk assessment process to identify probable risks and vulnerabilities and then drafted a security plan including all preventative and emergency procedures.
To provide covert protection, Presidia Global implemented a combination of covert close protection and surveillance detection teams. The covert close protection team was tasked with staying unnoticed within the family’s daily routine and identifying threats as early as possible. The surveillance detection team was tasked with staying outside the family’s bubble, observing anyone who might be conducting hostile surveillance on the principals, and relaying information to the executive protection team.
Presidia Global took great care in recruiting suitable professionals for each specialist role, and team training has been a critical part of the program’s success.
In addition to selecting the best professionals for the project, Presidia Global has implemented innovative technology to enhance our protective program. Our teams wear discreet AI-powered facial recognition body cams that allow us to identify anyone on our watch list and register all faces throughout the day. We have also installed AI-powered facial recognition dash cams in our vehicles. This advanced technology sends an alert to the team and to our 24/7 GSOC when a person on the watchlist is detected and the registration of all faces throughout the day, provide valuable data for our intelligence analysts.
To further ensure the safety of our clients, Presidia Global has an intelligence department that conducts ongoing risk assessments and monitoring of persons of interest. This provides us with up-to-date information on potential threats, allowing us to adjust our protective program as needed.
Our use of advanced technology and intelligence gathering techniques, combined with our highly skilled covert protection teams, allows Presidia Global to provide top-notch security services to high-net-worth individuals and their families. We are committed to maintaining the utmost discretion and privacy for our clients while ensuring their safety and security.